Group Bill, my first app in the iTunes Store.

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Group Bill is available to download from the iTunes Store!

After having worked for four months at a reasonably big native iOS application and not seeing it yet on the store because of a client I'm not too happy with, I finally had my first one being accepted today.

I read nightmare stories about app submissions but I have to say it's been quite easy in my opinion and the review process last less than a week (actually the review itself was done in one day), so I'm very happy with it.

Group Bill is a simple app to split the restaurant bill, there are already millions available that perform the same task but mine does it with a twist as it uses a trivial but effective formula devised by a british mathematician called Matt Parker.

He explains the details much better than I ever could in this video on Youtube:

I'll update it to French and Spanish and then I'll be ready to start a bigger project. If you want to contribute a translation in your language please let me know (use the share link on the bottom or the support page) I will include you in the credits.