MDRadialProgress 1.0

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Did you know ? you can buy a Non-Attribution License for MDRadialProgress view on my online license store.

Last time I've written about my MDRadialProgress control was when I had just released the very first 0.1 version. After several versions, a few bug fixes and new features, I'm finally releasing a new version that contains all features I wanted to implement for a 1.0 release. With MDRadialProgress now you can:

The biggest change is probably the license. I realized in the last years that maintaining Open Source software is very consuming and I don't have the time to keep adding features and fixing bugs for free. Although I'm not still entirely sure about this, I decided to switch the license for MDRadialProgressView from MIT to old BSD.

The old BSD license, or 4-clause BSD, contains an attribution clause that has since been removed from the "New" BSD license, that forces the people using the licensed software to provide attribution to the original owner in any advertising material mentioning features or use of the licensed software.
I'm not entirely happy to have included such clause, but I couldn't find a better, existing license to allow me to distribute my software free and at the same time monetize it by forcing attribution on people and companies that don't want to provide it. That said, I'm happy to re-discuss licensing agreement with anybody interested.

MDRadialProgressView is on sale on my online license store and you can buy a single or an unlimited license.

I'll follow soon with a post containing more technical documentation.