Review of Python For Data Analysis

Posted by Marco Dinacci on 0 comments

The book is essentially a reference on how to use the pandas Python library. It is well written and can be used both as a tutorial for learning about a particular aspect of the library and as a reference.

The first two chapters introduce the technologies and iPython, an advanced interactive Python shell. The third chapter is about NumPy. NumPy is introduced because it's the basis used by many other scientific libraries, and it helps the readers getting acquainted with array programming. It is also used extensively in pandas.

Pandas, an high-level library for data analysis written by the author itself, is introduced in the fourth chapter. Along with pandas, matplotlib is discussed in order to visualize the data from pandas. There are enough examples where the author use public available data from the internet and show how to manipulate it, clean it with pandas and visualize it with matplotlib. I found these examples much more useful than the dry explanation of the library features.

Overall, I recommend it to anybody with basic Python programming skills wishing to learn more about pandas and matplotlib.

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